About Me

Hi there,

I’m Katy, a 26 year old Londoner living in Brisbane.

My love of travel first became apparent in 2007 when I found myself celebrating the end of my GCSE’s on a trekking expedition through Botswana and Zambia. While my school pals were bouncing around bars in bikinis in Cornwall, I was following animal dropping trails wearing khaki cargo trousers that zipped off into shorts. Pretty glamorous right?

Although my idea of a holiday has definitely changed since then, the 16 year old explorer in me is still there and I’ll always jump at any opportunity to go on an adventure. For the last 10 years I’ve been lucky enough to go on my fair share of holidays and mini-breaks, including 3 long backpacking trips, a year of working as a long-haul air hostess and most recently an immigration down under with my aussie other half; tallying up my ‘ticked off’ countries to 44 and counting.

My friends often ask me for travel tips and stories so I’ve put together a travel blog in the hope that it will help my pals and any other intrepid explorers or holiday makers out there that come across my page.

Go on, have a scroll.